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Photos of the boat


Our boat was designed to facilitate access for everyone and our team is prepared to offer all the necessary support. Our goal is for everyone to be safe and feel comfortable on board.

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Our story

The story of the sailboat SAMARON is a journey of resurgence. Originally known as Mest, this boat is a design by Argentinean German Freers, a 40-foot model more widely recognized in Brazil as the FAST 395. It remained neglected and abandoned in the club's waters for 18 long years.

The previous owner intended to restore it for use again, but never managed to do so. I started taking care of it to keep it from sinking and on March 16, 2018, I finally became its new owner. Over the next three months, I undertook an arduous cleaning task, removing the entire interior of the boat, leaving only the hull. The name of the boat came from a promise to Saint Maron, giving the boat the name SV SAMARON.

When designing the boat, my vision was to transform it into a vessel aimed exclusively at nautical tourism, and that is why we focused our efforts on the exterior and thus increased the passenger capacity from 6 to 22 people. Our designer Muriel Dias modified the stern of the boat to include a ladder for swimmers, the cockpit was expanded to include a service table, and I can confirm that only much larger vessels offer an external space similar to that of the SAMARON.

The work began in July and a year later, in July 2019, we were ready to raise the mast and complete the details. We started operating the boat in August 2019 after a beautiful inauguration with a buffet from Luderitz Gourmet. Since then, SAMARON has become a completely renovated vessel and is ready to offer memorable sailing and tourism experiences in Guanabara Bay.

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